Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How do I find a part?  
Near the top of the screen is a toolbar with a list of manufacturer names. Click on the manufacturer name of the part you wish to locate. Then select the Model you are looking for and a complete list of spare parts will be listed for the Model. Many of the pages will show the price on the page. If the price is not on the page, you can contact a sales agent toll-free at
877-253-8898 or click here to request a quote on your desired part(s).
What is an exchange price?  
If you see an exchange price, we are able to offer you a discount off of the purchase price in exchange for the defective part. You must contact us to obtain an Exchange RMA Number prior to shipping the defective part. Upon receiving the defective part we will inspect it to ensure it is repairable prior to shipping you the replacement part.

Examples of damages that would make the defective part unrepairable are: - Physical damage (broken PCB's, broken sockets/connecters etc.) - Moisture damage

The above examples are only samples and are not all inclusive.